Fertility and Easibirthing®

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Birth has the potential to be one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives. Childbirth is a natural physiological process that a woman’s body is fully equipped for. Each birth is unique, and Easibirthing® is about empowering you to manage your individual experience, not fear it.

We train you to use self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare mind and body for a natural birth. We teach you to use hypnosis for pain management skills and aim to build your trust in your body so you enter labour feeling calm, confident and in control.

This is about reaching a state of deep relaxation, maintaining perception of control over the process and developing a positive attitude. It is about changing your expectation of birth so that you help rather than hinder the natural process.

The Easibirthing® method seeks to enable you to have the active birth you want. So whether you are planning a home birth or birthing in hospital, this training is designed to suit you.

Benefits of Easibirthing®

Reduce or eliminate fear

Produce pervasive relaxation

Significantly diminish or eliminate the need for medication; thereby eliminating its risks and post-delivery effects for both mother and child

Increase the rate of spontaneous vaginal birth, reducing the need for intervention

Shorten the period of labour; by reducing anxiety during each stage

Make it possible the management and control of sensations of discomfort

Promote a steady recovery

Foster and increase positive emotions during the entire birth process

Help you create of an experience which has positive memories attached

Reduce incidence of post-natal depression

Stimulate and maintain a strong energy level into the post-delivery phase

Promote lactation for breast-feeding

Calmer, more laid-back baby

How can Morpheus Associates help?

Hypnotherapy is used successfully to help people deal with a wide range of conditions. It is widely recognised now in its success with helping people with relaxation, and techniques are used to help people manage stress and anxiety associated with many other conditions. The client normally awakes feeling re energised and revitalised, with new hope and a positive frame of mind.

We offer an Initial  15-20 minute consultation which is free. At the end of this consultation you will be asked if you wish to proceed. At which point we will explain the fees per session, relevant to the treatment recommended and how many sessions are suggested as being required. We are located at Clarice House in Ipswich, The Heritage Centre Bury St Edmunds, Clarice House Colchester and Harley Street London. If a course of treatment is recommended, subsequent sessions are offered at a discounted price. Payments are accepted by cash or cheque with guarantee card only.
Please feel free to read our recent testimonials (link) from clients who have had this condition treated by Morpheus Associates

If you are comfortable with the idea, please call us to book an Initial 15-20 minute consultation, at which time you can decide if you feel the treatment offered would possibly help. Call Debbie Crooks on 07840-694743

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Easibirthing® is a registered trademark (the only one in the UK hypnosis for birthing world!) and therefore any practitioner using this trademark has been fully trained and qualified-a reassurance for the general public.
The CHFP qualification is the only hypnosis for fertility qualification in the UK which is independently accredited (i.e. by the NCHP).
The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (NCHP) has been offering respected, evidenced based and independently accredited Hypnotherapy Training, Hypnosis Training and Psychotherapy Training since 1977. This makes the National College one of the longest established and most respected hypnotherapy/hypno-psychotherapy training institutes in the world. Their Hypnotherapy/Hypno-psychotherapy training is UKCP and European-accredited.

Easibirthing® – what does it help with:
Understanding Fertility
The role of belief and expectation
The ingredients for conception: Recipe for success
Mind-body links: The fertile state
Managing pressure, reducing stress
The schemas of society: survival of the species
The psychological journey to parenthood
Subconscious blocks; uncovering resistance
Inner conflict: The role of guilt
Modern Fertility Treatments
Thinking yourself Fertile
Application of Hypnosis for physiological causes
Assisting male fertility
Coping with permanent infertility
Emotional reality of loss