Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?
Using a state of ‘trance’ – Hypnosis focuses your own subconscious and unconscious mind on overcoming a variety of problems and limitations.
What actually happens in a therapeutic session?
You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and discuss the reasons why you have chosen to address the issue that you feel Hypnotherapy can help you with. You will be invited to sit comfortably and listen to a therapist. Remaining with you at all times, the therapist will speak to you in a soothing and relaxing voice. You may be asked to close your eyes – if you feel comfortable doing so. You will remain aware of your surroundings…you do not actually lose consciousness. You can talk to the therapist at any time if you wish to. The aim of the session is to leave you feeling rested and refreshed with a renewed sense of well being. A session of hypnotherapy typically lasts about one hour. Only part of that time is spent in ‘trance’. Discussions will take place both before and after ‘trance’.
Am I in control during a session?
In much the same way that you are in control of your daydreams – you will also be in control of your ‘trance’. If something needs your attention during daydreaming, your attention will rouse you. The same is true of hypnosis or ‘trance’. If at any time during’ trance’, you are uncomfortable with something said etc, then you are perfectly able to rouse yourself. Your Hypnotherapist is there to guide you in utilising your own inner strengths… Dr Erickson said “Every person has all the resources they need to overcome any problem….but they may not always have them in the right order”. Under the guidance of your therapist, we aim to restore that order, enabling you to make positive changes and take charge of your future…
Why the name Morpheus?
Primarily for its association with the origins of the word Hypnosis, the Conscious and Sub Conscious mind…Morpheus was the god of dreams in Greek and Roman mythology. According to ancient sources – he was one of the three sons of Hypnos, the god of Sleep – and from where we get the word Hypnosis. To be ‘in the arms of Morpheus’ …is to be asleep. He is responsible for shaping dreams, or giving shape to the beings which inhabit dreams. His name also means “he who forms, or molds” from the Greek word morphe. Morphine was named after him… Interestingly, Morpheus had two brothers…… Phobetor – who created fearsome dreams (hence “phobia”)…and…Phantasus who created weird and unreal visions (hence “fantasy”).
Where are you located, and is there parking?
The main practice is at Gilmour Piper in Ipswich, there is limited space for parking available at the front of the practice and pay by the hour parking available on Fonnereau Road.  Please pay at the machine to avoid getting a parking ticket. We also have facilities available in Harley Street for clients from London. Parking at Harley Street is much more elusive (& expensive!) so we recommend you come by public transport or taxi. Where to find us
What are your hours?
Anytime between 10am and 9pm Monday to Friday. Appointment times can be varied according to client requirements.
Do you charge for a consultation?
When you book your first appointment, the therapist will explain the fees per session, relevant to the type of treatment requested.
Will I be charged if I dont attend an appointment?
Please note that unless 48 hours minimum notice has been given, a fee may be charged for any pre-booked appointments that are missed or cancelled at Ipswich practices. A minimum of 7 days must be given for any pre-booked appointments that are missed or cancelled at our London Harley Street or Kings Road Chelsea practices, or the full fee will be charged. This is to cover practice accommodation and travel costs.
Are there any former clients I can contact about your services?
Due to client confidentiality, we are not able to provide the details of anyone who has had treatment with Morpheus Associates. However, once you have completed a therapy session, if you wish to discuss the treatment you have had with others, particularly if you feel that similar treatment may help them too, then please feel free to recommend us where you feel it is appropriate.
Why do Morpheus Associates publish testimonials on their website?
Many of our clients enjoy the benefits their sessions bring them to such an extent, that they express a wish to pass on their experience as a recommendation to others. Whilst we do not publish their names – (due to confidentiality without their express wish), each testimonial is genuine and can be verified by the Advertising Standards Authority if the client is happy to be approached to do so.