The nature of our work is completely confidential.  Testimonials published here are from genuine clients who obtained so much benefit from the treatments they have received, that they felt compelled to share with us some of the ‘feel good’ factor.

We have posted some of their comments (anonymously unless the client insists on having their name published) – just to give some idea of how our clients are affected by the treatments they request.

Comments will ONLY be posted on here from clients who have expressly requested to share their thoughts with others and our web site visitors. Please note, the comments made are genuine and published only as an expression of well being experienced by the client.

We hope you will enjoy the Morpheus experience.

Confidential Testimonials are taken from genuine letters/emails received from clients. The subject of the treatment is stated at the beginning of the testimonial. Some of my clients insist on their names being published – otherwise they all remain anonymous in respect of the confidentiality.

I was suffering from stress and major anxiety mainly caused by a previous job. Having never suffered from high levels of anxiety it took me a long time to realise my job was the major cause of my issues. I couldn’t sleep through the nights which was having a devastating effect on my life, work and day to day tasks.

If you have ever suffered from extreme anxiety and acute insomnia you’ll know what I mean when I say you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. I was desperate to try any thing I could to get myself better and not being one who likes others to help it was a struggle. In desperation I came across Debbie’s website and got myself booked in.

It was one of many things I was doing at the time to get myself better but it really helped me realise what was happening to me. Debbie is very friendly, kind and understanding. She put any concerns I had with hypnotherapy to rest and worked with me on a personal level to do the best she could to offer maximum benefit. Debbie offers non-hurried, friendly, open and flexible sessions.

I had the overwhelming feeling that she was there for and would do the best things she could for me. I felt very at ease during the worst time in my life. This was probably the best thing I could have done to get better. I’m happy to report I’m 95% back to my old self, I have a new job which is going well and life seems good again after such a long dark time.

If you are thinking about hypnotherapy to help you with stress, anxiety, insomnia or anything else you feel you need some support with I would thoroughly recommend giving Debbie a try.

Client S
I first went to see Debbie about something very simple, but then out of the blue, Debbie helped me with bereavement and then went on to help my son when he was very anxious about school. Debbie was there when I really needed her and for that I will always be grateful. I am also now a firm believer in Hypnotherapy as long as it is carried out by a trained and qualified therapist and counsellor.

Client N, Colchester
Panic & Anxiety Attacks
I came to see Debbie for Anxiety and Panic Attacks. It is something that I have struggled with for a very long time, and despite trying different things over the years nothing has really ever helped resolve my issues. I think in total I had 8 or 9 sessions with Debbie and I can honestly say that my life has completely changed since the first day I walked in there.

Words cannot describe the changes I feel within myself. I am now much more confident, and the things that used to worry and panic me, don’t anymore. I have been given a new lease of life and I am now able to look forward to each day and seeing what the future holds. If you are thinking about having hypnosis with Debbie – go for it. It changed my life, maybe it can change yours!

Client H in Clacton
Panic Attacks
“I first became aware of Debbie through the National Council of Hypnotherapy as I was researching the ways in which hypnotherapy may be able to help me. I have suffered with panic attacks for many years but found that I was going through a particularly difficult time and having two to three panic attacks a week with a constantly high level of anxiety.

Although there is no “miracle cure” for panic attacks, I was desperate to try anything that may help. I was initially quite sceptical and also nervous, however Debbie put me at ease immediately and I was reassured that I was always in control. I had sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) previously, which were beneficial and I found that the hypnotherapy complimented the CBT approach well.

Six sessions on, I find that quite surprisingly I haven’t had a single panic attack since the first session. My anxiety levels have dropped considerably to a much more manageable level and I feel free to start embracing new challenges. Having hypnotherapy has enabled me to start living my life again.”

Client K, Colchester
Exam Nerves
“I found Debbie’s details on the internet and was clutching at straws as a last resort in order to pass a really important exam. Initially I felt sceptical and anxious about hypnotherapy but Debbie alleviated all those fears in a very professional manner”.“The whole experience was fantastic and I would highly recommend hypnotherapy for anyone who has a problem.

What a lovely feeling to feel so relaxed for an hour. Total Bliss!!!

To top it off I had three sessions with Debbie and I passed my exam having failed on three occasions previously. She gave me so much more confidence and belief in myself and I thank her so much”.

Client L, Ipswich
Fear of flying
“I visited Debbie for my fear of flying following years of feeling that I couldn’t fly for longer than 4 hours. I was sceptical about whether this would work but was at the stage where I was willing to give anything a try.

Following just five sessions with Debbie I took my first long-haul flight for 14 years. I don’t know how it worked – but it did – and I really feel that the whole world has opened up to me!”

Client J, Ipswich
Pain Management
Dear Debbie,

First of all I would like to thank you very much for all the help you have given me over the past few weeks which has made a tremendous difference to my life.

Two months ago I telephoned you to see if there was any possibility of some help. For the best part of eleven years I have had various levels of constant pain in my neck, from moderate to quite severe. In 2001 I had a spinal decompression operation which worked well for about 2 years.

Alas, after 2 years I started getting problems again. I was told by the NHS surgeon that there was no more surgically that he could do for me. An intensive period of pain management was carried-out, from acupuncture, medication and pain block injections, but no progress was made. Trying to carry on at work was a real problem physically and mentally, with many days off work. Finally in 2007 after being referred to the same surgeon privately, I had a second operation. Unfortunately this caused the problem to become worse, resulting in me having more time off work. In December 2007 I had to take early retirement at the age of 49, this was far too early for me and very difficult to accept.

In 2008 I was referred to Addenbrookes Hospital and I was very optimistic that they would be able to help me with the pain, but unfortunately I was told that it would be too dangerous to operate again and could only offer me more pain killers. I was getting very desperate for help with my neck pain and decided that enough was enough and came off the pain killers (rightly or wrongly) because I didn’t think they were helping me at all. I felt that I had exhausted all avenues when a few weeks ago a friend suggested I get in contact with you. This I did and if I remember correctly the conversation went something like ‘I am sure I can help you Guy’.

I made my first appointment and came to you with a completely open mind. You interviewed me and I gave you my case history, and you then asked me if I wanted to go-ahead with the hypnosis. At this stage desperation sprung to mind and decided that I would give it a try. After the first session I went home on a real ‘high’. On a scale of 1-10 before I started treatment I was at about 4, after six sessions I am as near to 10 as I think I could get in helping me cope with the pain and the sleepless nights. This was all achieved without any medication.

Previous to your help I would never get a good night’s sleep, waking and getting up every 1-2 hours. Sleep deprivation compounded the problem even more. However, since having the hypnosis I get a good night’s sleep every night and I am coping with the pain so much easier.

I never thought hypnosis would ever help me, but thankfully it did. I would be only too pleased to recommend you and hypnosis to anyone that needs help.

Best wishes, Guy Vincent
Cessation of Smoking
I became aware of Morpheus Associates through Clarice House, where a relative had completed some hypnotherapy previously.

Initially I was intending to use hypnotherapy to stop smoking, but after seeing the list of areas on Debbie’s website that hypnotherapy can help with and also reading the testimonials, I began to think about how hypnotherapy could help me in other areas of my life.

Although I had received counselling over a number of years before I met Debbie, my self-confidence was still very low and this was causing me a great deal of frustration; I felt trapped and unable to achieve my full potential in my career. Following a detailed consultation with Debbie where I was able to set clear goals for myself, I embarked on a six week programme of treatment which combined counselling and hypnotherapy.

After working with Debbie I have noticed a definite shift in my behaviour and attitude. Hypnotherapy has enabled me to release the pain from past experiences in a safe environment, which has led to greater self-esteem and self-trust. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and now have greater confidence in my interactions with others.

Rather than worrying and procrastinating at work, I have become more effective and feel less frustrated as I now realise that I have all the resources I need in order to succeed. I used the last week as a smoking cessation session and I haven’t smoked since. I do think that there are definite benefits to be had from hypnotherapy as long as your goals are clear and your expectations are realistic.

I found Debbie warm, genuine, very approachable and trustworthy and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to bring about positive changes in their lives using hypnotherapy.

Client D, Cambridge
Weight management
I am now well into my 50’s and have spent years of yo yo dieting, struggling with my weight and losing the battle. I have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, so really needed to do something about my weight. I decided to explore hypnotherapy, took ages to actually find someone that I felt comfortable enough with.

Then I saw an advert for Debbie and contacted her. I have never looked back!! In 5 months I have had to buy a new wardrobe and think I may have lost about 3 stone. I am no longer obsessed with weighing myself so am not really sure of exact weight loss but my clothes tell the story! I am not dieting so don’t feel deprived or want to eat all the wrong things or eat to excess. I am feeling great and still losing weight. My only regret is that I wish I had done it years ago and I know I would not have done it without Debbie’s hypnotherapy.

I have introduced friends to Debbie, they are also delighted with the results and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their weight and diets.
Stress and Anxiety Management
Debbie has really helped put me at ease with myself. Before I had sessions with her I used to suffer greatly from stress, anxiety and low self confidence.

Now I am so much more confident in myself and feel that my anxiety has improved greatly. I took her sessions before having my driving test and was finally able to pass! I’m sure that anyone can benefit if they are suffering from stress or anxiety, and Debbie is a kind and caring listener!

Client A, Bury St Edmunds
Driving Test
“My sessions with Debbie really helped me to boost my confidence and calm my nerves as I prepared for my driving test. I was thrilled to pass first time, but a lot of thanks must go to Debbie as without her, I may not have been able to do so.

She got me to visualise completing the test over and over again, so by the time that I was doing it for real, I had already been through it many times already, and so made me feel more prepared for the task in hand.”

Client A, Ipswich