About your Therapist

Debbie Crooks
Dip HPD, Dip THP, Dip NCH, MNCH (Lic), MNRHP, MNGH, PNLP, Person Centred Counselling Cert, CRUSE Cert, CNHC Registered (No. 000743-L10), UKCHO Registered (No. 82660).

Debbie is CNHC and UKCHO Registered and a Licentiate of the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH), whose code of ethics she adheres to at all times. NCH also provide supervisory support and codes of discipline.

A practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Person Centered Counselling, which means a variety of different techniques have been studied to give a well balanced approach to treatment.

During her 7 years of qualifying, Debbie’s main study area has been the works of the late Dr Milton Erickson, who was a pioneer and founder of modern hypnotherapy methods, including the concept of the co-existence of both the Conscious and Sub Conscious mind…

Dr Erickson said “Every person has all the resources they need to overcome any problem…but they may not always have them in the right order”. Morpheus Associates can help you restore that order.

Debbie’s total focus is on client well-being. Strict client confidentiality is respected and maintained at all times.

As is required with all board certified clinical hypnotherapists, Debbie has the benefit of referrals and support provided by the experience of a highly qualified and respected peer group and has supervision available at all times.

You can contact Debbie directly at debbie@morpheus-associates.com or call her direct on 07840 694743.